Prisoners are stripped of ‘privileges’ after video of drug fuelled party emerges

Delays continue following the serious collision
Delays continue following the serious collision

Prisoners who filmed themselves taking illegal drugs using a banned mobile phone have been stripped of their privileges.

One inmate at Bovingdon’s Mount Prison was placed in isolation after the damning video footage emerged.

A prison service spokesman said an investigation is ongoing but prison governor Steven Bradford was unavailable to speak to the Gazette about the issue.

The footage shows inmates dancing to music, smoking drugs and taking blue pills.

Some are also filmed using mobile phones and one prisoner has a screwdriver.

“We are continuing to investigate this video. All those involved have been stripped of their privileges,” said the prison service spokesman.

“There is also an ongoing police investigation into this unacceptable incident and we will work with the police and CPS to push for charges to be brought.”

The prison service has refused to comment on what is classed as inmate ‘privileges’ at the village prison.

An inspection of the Category C male prison earlier this year revealed that prisoners said drugs and alcohol were easily available.

Chief Inspector of prisons Nick Hardwick said this was despite efforts by staff to prevent this.

However, the prison was rated as doing well and performing better than many similar prisons.

The prison service spokesman said: “We have a zero tolerance approach to banned substances in our prisons. If there have been any failures in the supervision of offenders, appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

Back in 2004, The Mount was slammed for its notorious drug problem but a surprise inspection in 2007 revealed the availability of drugs had been dramatically reduced.

One tactic crooks used was to thrown drugs over the perimeter fence for inmates to pick up but a crackdown saw people arrested.

In 2012, former drug addict and comedian Russell Brand visited the prison as part of a documentary to learn more about its drug rehabilitation programme.