Police lose track of two convicted sex offenders

Two convicted sex offenders are at large in the county, police records have shown.

Wednesday, 11th March 2015, 4:33 pm
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Data revealed in a Freedom of Information request by the Press Association has shown that the whereabouts of two people on the Sex Offenders’ Register is unknown by Herts Police, as they failed to update their address details as required by the order.
A spokesman for the county constabulary said: “Maximising on all the intelligence and partnership information available, Hertfordshire Constabulary has a successful track record in the management of the county’s Registered Sex Offenders. Because of this continued vigilance the instances of sex offenders going missing is very low.

“In the case of these offenders considerable behind the scenes work has been done to locate them and positive progress is being made.

“The force has worked with national and international agencies to successfully locate and manage those few offenders who do go missing and will continue to use all the resources available on an on-going basis.”

None of the responses by police forces to the FO request revealed the names of those wanted, citing fear of vigilante attacks and data protection as concerns for doing so.

Herts officers said they would not be disclosing the missing offenders’ identities because their inquiries are ‘at a crucial stage’, and naming them could have a serious impact on the success of their work to apprehend them.

Neighbouring Bedfordshire and Thames Valley forces revealed three and five sex offenders respectively were wanted in their jurisdictions.

A total of 396 sex offenders are untraced across 39 of England and Wales’ 44 police forces, with the highest number – 167 – reported by the Met.

The figures also revealed one convict had been missing since the year 2000.