Playful pair looking for home in Hemel area


Hemel Hempstead and Berkhamsted Cats Protection is looking for a home for two loving and playful kittens.

Willow, black and white, and Bella, tortoiseshell, are about four months old and will be homed together.



Willow can be shy on first meeting but, when she settles down, she’ll happily nap in your lap, purring all the while.

Bella is a very confident little lady.

She is a bundle of energy, always ready to play, and relishes all the attention you can lavish on her.

Both are very loving, playful kittens who enjoy climbing and exploring.

They are exactly what it says on the tin – kittens, in all their glory.

You will need loads of energy to keep up with these two.

We feel they would be happier as the only pets in a family environment with children over 10, or a mature family environment.

They would enjoy having a secure garden to explore after their extended settling-in period.

If you feel these are the kittens to complete your family, give Cats Protecion a call today or go online.

If you think these two lovelies would complete your family, please give Cats Protection a ring today on 0345 371 1851 or visit