Pets Need Places: Can you rehome delightful Dillon, or provide a lap of luxury for Kia and Royce?

Meet the divine dogs and cute cats searching for a home.

Sunday, 22nd March 2015, 8:40 am
Delightful Dillon needs a home

Dillon is a small crossbred dog, most closely resembling a Shih Tsu X Pekinese although his exact ancestry is unknown.

He is about five to seven years of age.

Dillon has a delightful temperament, brimful of personality and keen to be everyone’s friend.

He enjoys his walks and gets on well with other dogs - a real favourite with our volunteers.

Cats Royce and Kia were born on a garage roof and lived feral their first few weeks.

However they are now accustomed to family life and are seeking a forever home where they can carry on being pampered.

To rehome Dillon or another dog in the area, call 01296 623885 or visit

Royce and Kia want a lap of luxury after spending their first weeks of life living on a garage roof

To give Royca and Kia a home, or view other cats who need care, call 0845 371 1851 or visit