Two more ‘road safety camera vans’ now operating in Hertfordshire

The vehicles have been funded by the Police and Crime Commissioner's office

Monday, 13th September 2021, 11:04 am
Updated Monday, 13th September 2021, 11:06 am

Two more road safety camera vans are now being used across Hertfordshire, in a bid to address concerns about speeding motorists.

Since March two of the distinctive camera vans have been targeting stretches of roads across the county, where residents or businesses have highlighted speeding as an issue.

But on Thursday, September 9, Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd revealed that there now two MORE.

Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd

Mr Lloyd – whose office has funded the vehicles – confirmed the increase in vehicles at a meeting of the county council’s public health and community safety cabinet panel, on Thursday, September 9.

And he suggested that this could mean areas within each of the 10 district or borough could be visited TWICE a week – though this would not necessarily be the case.

“We have got four vans, we have got 10 districts,” he said. “And it is my wish that we use them as much as we can – and that we try and spread it as much as possible through the districts.”

The camera vans are designed to be used on stretches of road where there are concerns about speeding.

These are not necessarily areas with a high rate of recorded accidents, collisions or injuries – but where there is intelligence or public concerns.

The vehicles are being operated as a one-year pilot, paid for by the Police and Crime Commissioner’s Road Safety Fund.

This fund collects money from fines and court costs generated from motorists who have committed driving offences, with the aim to change drivers’ behaviour.

MEANWHILE at the same meeting Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd reported to councillors that the Hertfordshire Constabulary now had a record high number of officers.

He said the latest intake of 18 new recruits meant there were now 2212 police officers in the county.

And that, he said was ‘the highest number that has ever been seen in the county’ – and was ‘an important milestone to mark’.

Previously the highest number of officers in the county was reported to be 2202, back in 2007.

The extra officers, it was reported, will be deployed in front-line and neighbourhood roles, supporting crime prevention and providing a more visible presence on the county’s streets.

At the meeting of the county council’s public health and community safety cabinet panel on Thursday, September 9, Liberal Democrat Cllr John Hale said he was “extremely pleased” with the latest number of officers.

But he did ask for future clarification on whether the numbers referred to the number of individuals or the number of ‘full time equivalents’ (FTE).