Swine flu kills 26 year old

caroline benoist...who died from swine flu
caroline benoist...who died from swine flu

A YOUNG woman from Hemel Hempstead is suspected to have become the latest victim of swine flu.

‘Fit and healthy’ animal trainer Caroline Benoist was sent home from her job at Leavesden Studios the week before Christmas because she was feeling unwell.

Writing to friends on her Facebook page on December 17, her final status update read: ‘Loving being back home even if I do feel like death warmed up!’.

The 26 year old, whose film credits include the Harry Potter movies, died just over one week later.

Animal lover Caroline worked on sets on behalf for Birds and Animals UK, which provides animal talent for the TV and film industry.

A spokesman for the company, that has provided animals and trainers for dozens of blockbuster films, said staff were ‘deeply saddened’ by her death.

From the home they shared in Gadebridge her boyfriend Guillaume Grange confirmed that doctors believe ‘fit and healthy’ Caroline was a victim of swine flu.

“She was sent home from work feeling unwell. She died last weekend. I am finding it all very difficult,” he said.

Friends say Caroline visited hospital with symptoms of flu but was sent home, where her condition worsened.

It is understood she was later admitted to a London hospital where she died after being treated by specialists for several days.

Guillaume added: “She was a lovely, fit healthy girl. She had no health problems. There was nothing wrong with her.”

According to the Health Protection Agency, flu killed 39 people between October and December 2010.

Of those, 36 people died from swine flu and all except one case were aged under 65.