Road safety funds announced to help reduce speeding in Dacorum

Making the roads safer

Monday, 18th May 2020, 12:06 pm

Road safety funds to help the elderly, school children and to reduce speeding through villages have been announced by the Hertfordshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Two villages in Dacorum are among eight villages in Hertfordshire that will receive money to introduce measure to reduce speeding and make their roads safer.

Bids for eight Speed Indicator Devices (SIDs) were approved in Dacorum, Hertsmere and East Herts.

Mr Lloyd at A10 in front of new average speed cameras. The image is for illustration purpose only

The £8,000 devices warn drivers they are exceeding the limit and show them how fast they are going.

The bids are subject to a suitability check by Hertfordshire County Council, and if they are all agreed it will take the number of SIDs installed by the Commissioner to over 50 since the fund began in 2016.

There will be one each for two Parish Council areas in Dacorum with Northchurch proposing to place theirs in New Road and another one for Chipperfield to be put in either Tower Hill, Dunny Lane or Bucks Hill.

There will also be two each for East Herts Parish Councils in Hunsdon, for approaches on B180; and Little Hadam for the C15 and Albury Road. Shenley Parish Council, in Hertsmere, will get one each for Black Lion Hill and Bell Lane.

In addition, funding was given for the first step of making the roads outside two schools in Woolmer Green and Oaklands, near Welwyn, safer for children and parents.

Bids of £10,000 each were approved to design schemes for Great North Road, outside Oaklands Primary School and London Road, outside St Michaels Woolmer Green Primary School.

A similar amount has been given to Bayford Parish Council, in East Herts, to address speeding and introduce road safety measures in the village.

Commissioner Mr David Lloyd: “There are not enough schemes to support the older driver, so I have approved the county-wide bid to encourage them to have their driving reviewed.

“I have also approved the potential development of schemes to improve safety outside three schools which have a problem with speeding and inconsiderate driving.

“Finally funding has been granted for another eight Speed Indicator Devices, which will bring the total I have approved since the fund was created in 2016 to over 50 SIDS."

Funding was also given to a county-wide scheme to assess and update the skills of older drivers has received a £5,000 grant from the Commissioner’s Road Safety Fund.

Run by the Hertfordshire Road Safety Fund Partnership it will help drivers who have lost confidence or who have developed bad habits.

Up to 100 drivers will be offered free refresher courses, conducted by a national organisation, to encourage resilience, restore confidence and update their skills.

In September 2015, Mr Lloyd proposed the Road Safety Fund, setting out his ambition to provide an opportunity to find new or innovative ways of supporting measures that lead to social, environmental and behaviour change.

The RSF was designed to be responsive to community concerns and needs, giving local people / organisations a say in developing and designing local solutions where a need has been identified, particularly those that may not attract ‘core funding.’

For bids proposing works on or to the highway, initial reviews are being undertaken by HCC Highways which check for project and / or funding clashes. Furthermore all such bids have required the explicit support of the local HCC member along with a commitment to some degree of match funding.

Over 70 projects have been awarded roughly £1.4m since 2016. This includes over 45 education/prevention projects including road safety/cycling workshops and education for deaf people.