Plans for a new crematorium in Hemel Hempstead submitted to Dacorum Borough Council

Plans have been submitted to Dacorum Borough Council for the construction of a single storey, single chapel crematorium in Hemel Hempstead.

By Holly Patel
Tuesday, 21st July 2020, 9:23 am
Updated Tuesday, 21st July 2020, 9:26 am

The West Hertfordshire Crematorium Joint Committee (WHCJC) has commissioned the submission of a full planning application on their behalf in respect to land south west of Bedmond Road, Bunkers Park, Hemel Hempstead.

In the Planning Statement, submitted with the plans, it says: "This application seeks full planning permission for the construction of a single storey, single chapel crematorium with associated parking, landscaping and infrastructure on land adjacent to the new cemetery located off Bedmond Road that has recently been completed by Dacorum Borough Council (DBC).

"Most notably, the site was granted full planning permission by DBC for the development of the cemetery in December 2017 (Application Ref. 4/02553/17/MFA).

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Planning application stock image

"That permission allowed for the change of use from agricultural land to a cemetery, to include a visitor administration building, road and pathways, car parking and landscaping.

"The proposal seeks to provide a new crematorium building with associated services including congregation, crematory, administration and staff areas, with a separate remembrance chapel and gardens, set within an extensive landscape.

"The crematorium building is located towards the north of the site, set within more formal landscaped areas and bunds that create tranquillity and visual interest within this relatively flat site.

"Associated parking and maintenance areas lie to the north and east of the building, connected by clear pedestrian routes, adjoining the southern boundary of the recently completed cemetery that is owned by DBC.

"Indeed, the proposed crematorium will link with the internal road of the cemetery and the access route off Bedmond Road. The remembrance chapel is located to the west of the crematorium building, linking to a memorial garden, surrounded by a natural landscape.

"It is proposed that the development will operate on the same basis as West Herts Crematorium, with cremation services running Monday to Friday, providing an opportunity for up to 40 cremations per week, and witness scatterings and general enquiries on Saturdays."

The proposal says a new single chapel crematorium would be built at Bedmond Road by Bunkers Park which would include 139 seated congregation, a crematory and administration and staff spaces, with a separate pavilion and memorial facilities.

Open space surrounding the site would also be made of use with a memorial garden, woodland areas, long grass meadows and a car park.

In the Hemel Hempstead Crematorium need report it says: "Hemel Hempstead Crematorium would almost equally divide West Herts Crematorium’s catchment population. This would considerably reduce funeral journey times for Dacorum residents and reduce the numbers of funerals at West Herts.

"The availability of this new capacity at Hemel Hempstead, combined with the increased capacity at West Herts due to less demand, would reduce delays between death and funeral; it would enable people to arrange a funeral on their preferred date and time in closer proximity to where they live; and it would enhance the qualitative experience of people attending both crematoria."

A virtual public consultation will take place on Thursday, July 23, from 6.30pm to 8pm.

The West Hertfordshire Crematorium Joint Committee was unavailable for comment.