Phantom florist speads joy at Berkhamsted train station

The flowers were left at Berkhamsted Station

Tuesday, 10th March 2020, 6:28 am

A woman has thanked a 'phantom florist' who left some flowers for a stranger to find at Berkhamsted train station.

Geraldine Adams, who had been looking after her grandson, was returning home when she found the daffodils on Thursday night.

She said: "I arrived at Berkhamsted Station and found some daffodils, there was a note that said 'Finders keepers, 40 days of flowers, with love, @Phantom Florist'.

Daffodils left at Berkhamsted Station

"It is a really lovely thing to do and I felt happy when I found them.

"I believe there is magic in the world. Not everyone is motivated purely by monetary reward. Some people want to spread joy.

"I told someone who is suffering anxiety and depression, and he said he loved things like that. So the goodness spreads further.

"It was a lovely gesture and made me smile, it is nice to do things like that, thank you phantom florist."

Geraldine has thanked the 'phantom florist'