Mental health charity encourages Hemel residents to Spring Into Health

Why not join in and have some fun whilst looking after your mental and physical health

Wednesday, 13th January 2021, 3:44 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th January 2021, 3:48 pm

A mental health charity in Hertfordshire is encouraging people to step up to the challenge and help ensure no one has to face mental health problems alone.

As a direct result of the coronavirus pandemic, the UK has seen a significant increase in the need for mental health services.

National Mind conducted a survey which highlighted 55% of young people and 51% of adults said their mental health had been affected by coronavirus alone.

Mental health charity encourages Hemel residents to Spring Into Health

Mind in Mid Herts is a local, independent mental health charity affiliated with national Mind, this means they are responsible for their own fundraising.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns, Mind in Mid Herts has lost out on vital funds which they depend upon to provide support within the Hertfordshire community.

To help support the growing need of people who require mental health services in Hertfordshire, Mind in Mid Herts has created this a new fundraiser - Spring Into Health

Becoming a Healthy Springer gives people the opportunity to look after their mental and physical health, extend their friendship groups, raise money for Mind in Mid Herts and learn more about the charity.

Everyone is invited to become a Healthy Springer and to set their challenging target of covering the distance around the perimeter of Hertfordshire - that’s 170 miles.

This is a virtual event where you can monitor your progress on an interactive map and can take part individually or as a team (lockdown restrictions apply).

As a Healthy Springer, you can choose any method to achieve all or part of your challenge - Run, Jog, Walk, Skip, Jump, Bounce, Swim - when possible.

The challenge starts on Monday, January 18, and runs until Friday, April 16.

The timescale and online tracking app allows everyone to complete the distance at times and on days that suit them.

Access and engagement manager, Adele Hemmings said “This event is for everyone. It will not only help us to raise money to help continue to support the people of Hertfordshire but will be fun to participate in, supporting participants known as Healthy Springers in maintaining their health and having some fun in these tricky times.

"We are champions of the “5 ways to wellbeing”: getting active; connecting with others; giving up your time to support others, acknowledging your achievements and triumphs and learning how you can make a difference.

"All of this is embedded within this event and means that participants will be making a difference to their own, and others health.

"Every penny raised will go back into the vital mental health services we provide."

To sign-up, get involved, or for more information click here.

Mind in Mid Herts is open to everyone and offer a range of services, supporting prevention, ongoing social support, and recovery.

For more information about the charity visit: