Hemel Hempstead MP backs calls to ban shark fin trade

The MP for Hemel Hempstead has backed a motion calling for a ban on shark fin imports and exports post-Brexit.

Friday, 17th July 2020, 11:25 am
Updated Friday, 17th July 2020, 11:28 am

Sir Mike Penning was one of the first six supporters of the motion, he signed it on Friday, July 10, - the motion currently has 18 supporters.

The Motion reads: "That this House notes with concern that many shark species are threatened with extinction; notes that despite shark finning being banned in UK waters, the shark fin trade continues; recognises the important campaign work of Bite-Back, Greenpeace, the Shark Trust and many others; calls on the Government to ban shark fin imports and exports post-Brexit; and urges the Government to close the loopholes and work towards a strong Global Ocean Treaty to improve shark conservation."

Sir Mike said: “As we approach the end of the Brexit transition period, we need to send a clear message to the rest of the world on environmental and animal welfare issues.


"We have a great opportunity here.

"Quite simply shark finning – which is literally removing the shark’s fin and throwing the rest of the shark, often live, back into the water – is an appalling practice and if we can end the trade, we can end the practice.

“The Government should start by banning the import and export of sharks fins in the UK and then working towards a global ban.”