Grovehill’s deep history plundered for civic pride

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A HISTORY of Grovehill going back to the stone age has been produced to promote pride in the neighbourhood.

Keen historian Ruth Clinch – who lived in Grovehill for around 12 years and still works at the community centre – has compiled the book over the past two years.

She was asked to chronicle the area by Councillor Alexander Bhinder to highlight Grovehill’s ‘deep history’.

Ruth, 78, said: “He wanted to do something for Grovehill pride.

“We want people to take an interest in the history of the area and hopefully add to it. There are a lot of people who know much more than me.”

The book grew out of a website Ruth created when she was running the internet cafe at Grovehill Community Centre.

The geology and geography of the neighbourhood is explored along with the varied history of Cupid Green, which was home to a steel foundry, fireworks company and the Cupid pub, which moved and became the Greenacres II.

“Apart from the actual research, a major challenge has been to make all the diverse information fit together in a coherent and attractive time line,” the former primary school teacher said.

“However, one of the pleasures of this project has been for me to meet so many interesting and diverse people who have made Grovehill a part of their lives and have been willing to share their memories so generously.

“When news got out, I was really quite taken with the number of local residents who came forward with information and pictures.”

Councillor Bhinder said: “There are many people in Grovehill who have a story to tell and one soon realises that the area has a very deep history.

“I just thought it would be a good idea to pull all of this together in one concise collection.

“Talking with Ruth many months ago, I was impressed with her enthusiasm and so she seemed the ideal person to take on this project.

“I think it’s important that people have the opportunity to be able to access this kind of local information.

“I’m involved with the Grovehill Youth Centre for example and I fully acknowledge how interested young people are in where they live.”

The Grovehill Chronicle is available from Grovehill Community Centre and Martins newsagent in Henry Wells Square for £6.

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