Group fights latest plans for homes at Rectory Farm in Kings Langley

The group is against plans to build an extra 34 homes at Rectory Farm

Monday, 9th March 2020, 5:01 pm

A residents association in Kings Langley is objecting to plans to build 34 homes at Rectory Farm.

The owners of Rectory Farm, Angle Property, obtained planning permission last year for 55 homes to be built on the brownfield part of Rectory Farm which is a site in the Green Belt.

Kings Langley and District Residents Association (KL&DRA) did not object to the original application because they say it was limited to the brownfield area.

Rectory Farm. Photo provided by Kings Langley and District Residents Association

Plans have been submitted to Dacorum Borough Council by Angle Property for outline planning permission sought for the development of up to 89 dwellings, including affordable housing, internal circulation roads and car parking.

The proposal offers six acres of community land running alongside the canal including, playgrounds, orchards, allotments and pedestrian and cycle paths linking the new canal side walk to the rest of the village

Gary Ansell, chair of the KL&DRA said: "The 55 houses originally planned are on brownfield which is completely fine.

"This latest application extends the housing to 89 with 34 houses on green field Green belt land for which there are no exceptional circumstances that warrant this land being taken out of the Green Belt by Dacorum Borough Council and the KL&DRA strongly object to this.

"We believe that the housing will spill out onto more Green belt land, we want Dacorum Council to put a stop to the plans, it is down to them to do something to save the Green belt land.

"Where is the justification in building on Green belt land when there are brownfield sites in the area that should be built on first.

"We want the council to not allow anyone to build on Green belt land."

A spokesperson for Dacorum Borough Council said: "The application was received at the beginning of February and Dacorum Borough Council is in the process of carrying out a full assessment of the proposal following consultation with the community and technical experts."

Angle Property have offered to gift the community land to Kings Langley Parish Council together with a financial contribution towards future maintenance. The company says they have received positive levels of support for the proposals.

James Good, spokesperson for Angle, said: “We’re very encouraged by the amount of support we have received throughout the consultation process.

"We have listened carefully and would like to thank members of the community who took the time to give us their valuable feedback on the proposals, which have helped shape our final plans.”