Grassroots library praises Tudors Supporters Club 'kind generosity' after donation to hospice in Berkhamsted

All money raised at the community library is donated to the Hospice of St Francis

Thursday, 10th June 2021, 9:03 am
Updated Thursday, 10th June 2021, 9:06 am

A community library in Berkhamsted has praised the 'kind generosity' of The Tudors Supporters Club who have made a donation to the Hospice of Francis, after money for the hospice was stolen from the library last week.

Geoff Wiggett and his partner created a mini-library from the footpath running through Geoff's garden, donations can be placed in a bucket on the bottom shelf.

Customers are invited to lend, borrow or buy books, magazines and videos - with the money going to the Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted.

Big Lend Library in Berkhamsted

After reading what had happened, Tudor's Supporters' Club - the supporters of Hemel Hempstead football club - contacted The Gazette in a bid to help Geoff and the Big Lend Library.

The club donated £36 directly to the hospice.

Geoff said: "It is a really kind gesture and is much appreciated.

"Upon hearing of our anguish and sadness at this mean-minded crime, and with the help of Hemel Gazette, the supporters of Hemel Hempstead football club, 'The Tudors', generously donated a sum of £36 to the hospice, enough to cover the cost of two hours dedicated and expert nursing care for a patient.

"They did it off their own backs after reading the story online.

"The Tudors' supporters deserve a huge round of applause. This is an incredibly magnanimous gesture and we are extremely grateful. It restored our faith in humanity.

"We have now devised a safer way of collecting future generous and unselfish cash donations and hope that the hospice continues to benefit.

"The hospice will also be giving us a QR code, which we will stick on the fence and people can make donations directly from there.

"My partner volunteers at the hospice, she is a gardener, and I also volunteer now and again, it is a great place."

Geoff will continue to open the library, which is located just off the canal bridge that connects Bank Mill and Bank Mill Lane near to the now-closed Old Mill pub, every day.

A spokesperson for Tudors Supporters Club said: "As a group, we were saddening to read the library suffered the theft and the fact it was aiming to support a local charity that is important to so many people made it worse.

"We were fortunate to be in a position to make a donation and replace the stolen funds; we donated £36 to the Hospice, which is enough to cover the cost of two hours of dedicated, expert, nursing care for a patient at the Hospice.

"Although we're primarily a football supporters group, as a community organisation in Dacorum we're proud to also support local charities and initiatives."