Furious Hemel homeowner handed £100 fine for parking in his OWN DRIVEWAY

A Nash Mills homeowner was left fuming after he was slapped with a hefty fine for parking on his OWN PROPERTY.

Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 4:26 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th January 2020, 5:01 pm

Donald Goller, of Teal Way, was ordered to pay £100 in unpaid fines after leaving his car on the driveway of his home.

The chartered surveyor said he has used the clearly-marked bricked space for more than NINE YEARS.

But he was baffled to find a penalty charge notice in his post for parking "without displaying a valid permit".

Credit: Google Maps

Desperately trying to remember where he'd parked in recent months, Donald visited Parking Control Management's website.

To his shock, he saw pictures of his car parked on his OWN driveway - clearly showing his number plate and house name - posted online.

Disgruntled Donald, speaking to the Gazette, said: "I was absolutely infuriated because it was so out of order.

"For a start they trespassed my driveway to issue the ticket, and secondly they're showing photographs of my private house and car on their website.

Parking Control Management Ltd's apology

"I felt like they invaded my privacy."

The homeowner said he has never had any complaints about his parking in the past.

Donald appealed and the fine was overturned as the ticket was issued "outside the jurisdiction of Parking Control Management".

The firm apologised, adding they were a number of "affected motorists".

"It is unforgivable that this can be allowed to happen as quite likely there are more vulnerable people out there who may have just paid the fine out of intimidation and fear of escalation of court summons," Donald said.

Parking Control Management Ltd have been approached for comment.