Councillor unhappy with plans for new sports facility in Berkhamsted

A Berkhamsted Town Councillor has criticised the idea of building a new sports facility on Lagley Meadow

Friday, 7th February 2020, 11:45 am

Cllr Paul DeHoest and some residents are unhappy that the plans for a new sports centre in Berkhamsted could see part of one of the few remaining green communal spaces in the town used as an option for a 3G pitch.

Paul said: "It is actually called East Meadow and they are next door to each other.

"On Monday next week I will meet with the council's consultant to see what the actual plans are, the problem is they are not being very clear. These plans were first mentioned last March.

Lagley Meadow

"What they should do is redevelop the existing site, it is important that they leave the meadow as a grass area for the community which includes football.

"At the moment the area is used for more than just football, lots of people use it and lots of groups in the community use it, including fitness classes, it is a multipurpose community facility.

"If astroturf pitches are built there it becomes a facility for pre-booked sports.

"There are very few green spaces in the town and we want to keep the ones we do have, there is nothing wrong with them developing the current facilities without interrupting the clubs that use them.

Lagley Meadow

"The council wants to improve the facilities which is great and I support that, but I do not think they need to build on green space to do that, they can develop what is already there."

A spokesperson for Dacroum Council said: "The Council are looking into the feasibility of building a new sports centre for Berkhamsted within the current site.

"A range of options are being considered as part of this process.

"There are no plans to build on Lagley Meadow, although the use of part of Lagley Meadow for a 3G pitch is an option which will be considered through the consultation process.

"We are currently carrying out extensive consultation with key stakeholders to understand their current and future requirements and seeking their views on the facility mix for the new sports centre.

"A full public consultation will follow in spring 2020."