Christmas track produced by Aylesbury Vinyl on Wednesdays stalwart is the "perfect antidote for Tier 4"

Singer songwriter Rachel D'Arcy's Little Christmas is being streamed by thousands around the world

Monday, 21st December 2020, 11:15 am
Updated Monday, 21st December 2020, 11:34 am
Rachel D'Arcy

A Christmas song produced by Aylesbury Vinyl on Wednesdays stalwart Jay Burnett is being streamed in its thousands by music fans across the globe.

Little Christmas, by Rachel D'Arcy has been described as the 'John Lewis Christmas song that never was' and in the style of a timeless Christmas classic, embodies the feelings of 2020, this most difficult of years.

In non-Covid times, producer Jay Burnett is a regular face at Temple Street Wine Bar's Vinyl on Wednesdays evenings, and has produced amazing songs during a formidable career for bands including The Beastie Boys.

Vinyl on Wednesdays co-founder Kris Needs said of the Rachel D'Arcy tracks, which can be streamed by clicking HERE :" Anyone wondering where the timeless Christmas anthems, bathed in love and glorious winter sunshine, have gone need look no further. Playful, uplifting and guaranteed to raise a smile. A perfect Tier 4 blues antidote."

After losing her job, home and business to COVID Rachel was inspired to write the uplifting track when Rishi Sunk labelled the music industry ‘Not viable’ for support. ‘It started out as a joke with my producer Jay over a bottle of wine.

She said: "We were just stunned by the Government's disregard for our industry and I suggested we make a Christmas song to make us more viable. I grabbed my ukulele and before I knew it I was singing all I want this Christmas is a little piece of mind…. Because Christmas can be a tough time. Especially this year. I wanted to write something that made people smile and reflected the true meaning of Christmas, which for me is love, peace and happiness."

Enlisting the help of jazz prodigy Artie Zaitz who plays both hammond organ and guitar and Jay, the Little Christmas music video which has already racked up over 127K views on Facebook sees Rachel spinning (literally) around the deserted streets of London in an Audrey Hepburn-esque fashion.

She added: "Before COVID-19 I ran vintage shop and I just love style and movies from the golden age of Hollywood.

"It’s like time travel and wonderful escapism. I found the blue coat I am wearing in the video in a charity shop in West London for £3.

"The label says ‘Made in Syria’ and I always wonder what the story behind it is every time I wear it. We filmed the video during lockdown 2 and there was an eery stillness in the air. I’m just so grateful to be making and sharing my music during these times and touched by the overwhelming response to Little Christmas."

As well as penning and performing the soundtrack for ITV Endeavour Morse in which she also played nightclub singer Lila Pilgrim, Rachel cut her chops collaborating and touring with nu jazz ensemble The Cinematic Orchestra, live drum and bass producer/drummer Septabeat and busking her way around Europe.

With the critically acclaimed album Annabelle Serpentine already under her belt and a slew of new releases slated for 2021 the future looks bright for Miss D’Arcy.

But can she clinch the coveted Christmas Number One?

Watch the video HERE