Lambing season is in full swing as Box Moor Trust welcomes new additions

11 adorable pictures of Box Moor Trust's newest lambs

The Box Moor Trust is a charitable trust responsible for the management of nearly 500 acres of land within the parishes of Hemel Hempstead and Bovingdon

Wednesday, 7th April 2021, 12:23 pm

Lambing at the Box Moor Trust started on Thursday, April 1, and is now in full swing.

With 44 ewes in lamb, the Trust's stockman, Bob, is being kept busy night and day. Thirty of the pregnant ewes are pedigree Norfolk Horns, with the other 14 being Charolais crosses.

A spokesperson for Box Moor Trust said: "Eighteen ewes are expecting single lambs, 24 will be having twins and the other two are carrying triplets. So potentially a total of 72 babies!

"The new lambs will be kept in our nursery pasture for a few days, before going out onto Preston Hill meadow with their mums.

"We would please ask dog owners to be especially vigilant at this time, and to keep strict control of your dog when walking at Westbrook Hay.

"Dogs may not go into fields where the lambs are grazing and should be kept on leads in the areas around the sheep pastures to minimise the risk of that happening."

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