Parents voice fears over problem parking after child is hit outside school

George St Primary School, Hemel Hempstead
George St Primary School, Hemel Hempstead

Parents have spoken out against dangerous parking outside a primary school after a four-year-old girl was knocked over by a car during the school run.

A grey Honda CRV was being reversed out of a drive opposite George Street Primary School in Hemel Hempstead on Thursday afternoon (October 15) when it rolled too far and mounted the kerb next to the school, which was teeming with parents collecting their children from school.

A four-year-old girl suffered bruising after being knocked over by the car.

The mother of the girl, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The car came bombing out of the drive and it just didn’t stop.

“My daughter was walking in front of me with her friend and I couldn’t get to her quick enough.

“The car just kept coming and we were all screaming ‘Stop, stop! What are you doing?’.”

The mother said another parent grabbed her little girl and pushed her out of harm’s way, taking the brunt of the impact.

She was checked over by paramedics at the time and was found to have suffered bruising.

The four-year-old girl, who started full-time school in September, was not seriously injured.

Herts Police have confirmed there is an ongoing investigation into the cause of the incident.

Her mother said: “My daughter was crying her eyes out and in a terrible state.

“If it wasn’t for the other mum, I dread to think what would have happened. She could well have saved my daughter’s life.”

A witness, who did not want to be named, said she and her two young children walked past just moments before the car hit.

She said: “The 4x4 just appeared from no where, then I heard screams and the car horn before the car ended up in a hedge next to the pavement.

“I was left shaking and in shock. If it had been a moment before, it would have got us.”

The witness said parking on the street during the school run is a problem and often means she and others have to walk in the road, meaning children are at risk.

She said: “I think more people need to be made aware before something more serious happens.

“No one will feel safe even on the pavement now.”

In a recent school newsletter dated October 2015, parents were warned about parking on the pavements in the narrow Victorian residential street.

It said: “One or two extremely inconsiderate parents have parked at times on the pavement, meaning that pedestrians have had to walk in the road.

“Not surprisingly parents, pupils and myself are annoyed about this. Photographs have been taken.

“I shall be meeting with the local PCSO to discuss road safety. You have been warned!”

Heather Freeman, head at George Street Primary School, did not comment on the parking issues raised in the newsletter, saying: “I was very concerned to hear of the incident in George Street and I’m so relieved that no-one was seriously injured.

“We await the outcome of any police investigation.”