Vox pop: Should those who inflict cruelty on animals be given tougher punishments?

Reporter Victoria Bull asked people shopping in Hemel Hempstead what they thought of animal cruelty sentences.

Saturday, 1st November 2014, 8:20 am

Barry Swindells, Adeyfield:

‘Put them in prison. If there is cruelty to an animal, it is the same thing as doing it to a human.’

Beth McNeela, Adeyfield:

‘Definitely – it’s awful and disgusting. Animals are so innocent, they can’t talk back or defend themselves like people can. There should be a higher punishment for it.’

Mary Lay, Selden Hill:

‘They should get punished, it is absolutely wicked. It breaks my heart to think of animals being hurt. They should be banned from keeping animals if they don’t know how to look after them.’

Ronald Hance, Chaulden:

‘I do think there should be tougher punishments. I’m a big animal lover and think people who mistreat them should go to prison.’

Margaret Scott, Grovehill:

‘Animals should be entitled to the same protections as humans. Anyone who is cruel to them should have their animals taken away – that’s what would happen if it were a child instead of a pet.’