First aid video shows how you can help others

A VIDEO has been launched showing people how to perform potentially life-saving first aid.

Monday, 27th February 2012, 1:32 pm

St John’s Ambulance joined up with the Bucks Herald to produce the video which can be found online at

The aim of the footage is to talk people through how they can save another person’s life through a set of steps should they find someone unconscious.

First aid trainer at St John’s, Clare Withers, explains to viewers should be done to help a person who is unconscious and breathing, as well as what someone should do where they to find someone who was not breathing.

There have been many incidents in which first aid techniques such as these have helped prevent further injury, or even death.

One example was in Aylesbury when a member of the University of the Third Age, Dorothy Simmons, was giving a talk to the group on first aid.

During her speech a woman collapsed Dorothy, who is a trained first aider, went to help the woman who was still breathing but unconscious. With the aid of some of the other people in the audience, Dorothy made Hilary comfortable and began to check her airway and breathing again when she suddenly regained consciousness.

Shortly afterwards an ambulance arrived and transferred Hilary to the cardiac unit at Wycombe Hospital.

To find out more about receiving first aid training, contact St John’s Ambulance on 01296 744 360 or visit