Vox Pop: Should the UK take part in military action against IS terrorists in the Middle East?

Reporter Victoria Bull asked shoppers in Hemel Hempstead town centre what they think should be done about the Islamic State militant threat.

Saturday, 18th October 2014, 9:20 am

Rory Clingham, Highfield: ‘It’s a complicated issue. We shouldn’t send a full army, but we need to send some kind of force because arming civilians without training isn’t a good idea.’

Paul Goodman, Woodhall Farm: ‘It’s easy to say we should have more troops on the ground, but have we got the facilities and resources for it? The more cutbacks to the military we’ve had, the more obligations they get.’

Matthew Sawyer, Abbots Langley: ‘Definitely – some action needs to be taken. Doing nothing is not an option – it’s in the Middle East but it is still our problem.’

Jak Whitbread, Leverstock Green: ‘It is not clear what we are doing about the situation. The government keeps saying justice will be done, but they are not saying how. It needs to be clearer.’

Rob Willingham, Grovehill: ‘I am concerned about it, but I wouldn’t know what to suggest. There are so many different things reported in the media it’s hard to know what to think – but we should be doing something.’