Vox Pop: How should Scotland vote in the referendum for an independent state?

Gazette videographer Natalee Hazelwood has been asking people what they hope will come out of Scotland’s independence referendum.

Saturday, 30th August 2014, 9:20 am

Ricky James, Old Town:

‘I believe if you started off independent you should keep your independence. But that started off with bad views, someone said we are superior to you and I will take over your land.’

Enid Williams, Leverstock Green:

‘I don’t think they should get their independence, no.’

Sharman Williams, Tring:

‘I think they are better off staying with us and we are better with them. Even if they do go independent I don’t think they should have the pound, I think they should be completely separate.’

Leonard Cox, Pitstone:

‘I don’t know about that, I am not interested. It should be as it was. They should stay part of England, yes. But I am not interested in it.’

Richard Atkins, Highfield:

‘I think they should stay in Great Britain, the UK together is stronger. It’s more of a cultural thing, even though Scotland want their own independence, the UK has been together for years.’