Vox Pop: With the general election less than six weeks away, will you be going out to vote?

Reporter Victoria Bull asked Hemel Hempstead town centre shoppers their views on the issue of voting.

Saturday, 28th March 2015, 8:34 am

Joan Burgess, Warners End:

‘I will vote – I do think it’s important, particularly at this time. I think it will be the most important general election we’ve ever had, with the rise in more extreme parties.’

Ann McGurk, shops in Hemel Hempstead:

‘I think we definitely ought to be going out to vote, but who for? That is the quandary I’m in – you just think, are they telling the truth?’

Alan Jones, Highfield:

‘Yes, I think people should vote. If we don’t vote, we could end up getting the wrong people in – again!’

Albert Miller, visiting Hemel Hempstead:

‘They are arguing so much between each other it’s a job to work out who is doing what. They make promises before the election and don’t keep them.’

Denise Brehme, Adeyfield:

‘I think it is very important to vote, especially for youngsters as it’s their future, so they should be looking at what is going on with the world and make their vote.’