The Lighter Side: There’s too much sharing on social media

Columnist Kate wonders why people share so many intimate details of their lives on social media.

Wednesday, 21st January 2015, 8:30 am
'Sharing on social media has gone too far' says columnist Kate Mason

Thanks to social media, we have become a nation over-sharers eager to divulge intimate details on everything from ailments to arguments.

I often find myself staring at Facebook in horror and amazements screaming “too much information.”

It seems some people have no shame, indeed no barriers, when it comes to disclosing the ups and downs of their life.

I could literally tell you in fine detail the meals,medical appointments and melodramas of some “Facebook friends”, thanks to their colourful status updates.

And the number of people who think it’s a good idea to take swipes at others with their keyboard warrior mentality – what happened to having guts to have it out with people face-to-face or at the very least from the safety of a phone?

Whilst it is mildly annoying for most, it can also have more serious implications.

From people losing their jobs due to an ill-advised status or people being burgled after telling the world they are jetting off on a two-week holiday leaving their house unattended.

But even I was surprised to read about the latest trend that has women sharing one of the most intimate moments in life – their pregnancy test results.

At first, I presumed expectant mums were simply posting pictures holding a positive test a completely acceptable thing to do – but oh no, no. Instead of simply seeing the outcome, we are treated to a full motion picture of the whole process – complete with cup of urine in some cases .

It seems extreme to go into such detail for a private home video to share with family and close friends, but to post online for thousands of strangers to see – why?

And the bizarre craze is turning into something of a phenomenon, with more than 18,000 pregnancy test videos on Youtube, some of which have been viewed more than a million times each. The trend even has its own nickname — Womb Tube!

It was bad enough Robbie Williams thought it was acceptable to stream live footage of his poor wife’s labour, but this is on another level.

Aside from being slightly strange, the whole process could also be a recipe for disaster.

Most women wait until the reassurance of a 12-week scan before even telling friends and family, just in case there are complications. So it seems to be jumping the gun for results to be going viral.

When will some people learn that certain special moments in life should be sacred and not shared with every man and his dog?