Online chat with local police team


Residents of Bovingdon, Chipperfield and Flaunden have taken part in their first live online chat session with their Safer Neighbourhood Officers.

Using the award-winning OWL (Online Watch Link) internet-based system, officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team scheduled the live online ‘Beat Surgery’ for between 6pm and 7pm on Wednesday, February 3.

OWL members were sent an invitation in advance and local officers were online during the meetingto take questions or hear about any issues people may have.

The OWL live chat facility is much like a traditional online chatroom, allowing up to 100 participants to have an online meeting with their local police team in real time.

Communicating is done by typing questions, answers or comments, which are instantly seen by all participants. Participants can euse their own names or a pseudonym if they wish to remain anonymous.

Sgt Ryan Hemmings said: “Myself and PCSO Bardi Agallili hosted the inaugural session and the feedback was extremely positive.

“The issues we discussed included parking, speeding and the recent spate of thefts of tools from vans.

“We were also given some information regarding a suspicious vehicle seen in the area.

“We were able to reassure those residents that we would be looking into their concerns and we have already made plans to carry out speed checks on the Chipperfield Road.”

People wishing to take part in the live chats, need to be a member of OWL.

To sign up, visit