MPs vote to give us a say on EU

Dacorum’s two MPs have both backed moves to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union after a debate in the House of Commons on Friday.

Tuesday, 9th July 2013, 4:44 pm
Clean shaven MP Mike Penning is taking part in Movember 2012.

Conservative MPs including Hemel Hempstead’s Mike Penning and South West Herts’ David Gauke, who are both government ministers, voted for a bill would enshrine in law a full ‘in-out’ referendum.

The second reading of the bill passed by 304 votes to zero after both the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties officially abstained.

Mr Penning said: “It is absolutely right to negotiate a fresh settlement in the EU that is better for Britain. We need a less bureaucratic, more competitive EU, with powers restored to national parliaments who are directly accountable to the voter – and then to give the British people an ‘in or out’ referendum by the end of 2017.”

Mr Gauke agreed: “We need to bring some powers back to the UK,” he said.