Motorist accuses council of using layby as a money making honey trap

Home Park Mill Link Road parking.
Home Park Mill Link Road parking.

A furious motorist has accused parking chiefs of cashing in on innocent drivers who unwittingly illegally park in a layby.

Raymond Afshar was hit with a £35 fine when he parked off Home Park Mill Link Road in Kings Langley when visiting a friend.

He said there are no signs indicating that it is a no parking zone.

“I’m not disputing it is Dacorum Borough Council land but don’t they think it would be a good idea to put a sign up saying this is private land, please don’t park here?

“This is done deliberately by Dacorum Borough Council as a method of entrapment,” he said.

The auditor, who was caught out by a traffic warden on a Saturday afternoon, appealed the penalty, which rises to £70 if not settled within two weeks.

It has now been revoked by the council as a ‘good will gesture’.

“They suck people in knowing it’s a honey trap,” said Raymond, who has been driving for 25 years and has an unblemished driving record.

“Not everyone has the time or the inclination to put down in writing what they legally think is right or wrong.

“There is no other word for this but pure entrapment.”

A Dacorum Borough Council spokesman said: “Waiting restrictions that are indicated by yellow lines apply to the pavement and verge as well as the road.

“We follow the government guidelines to keep signing to a minimum and not to use them where there are double yellow lines.

“There is more information on how to avoid parking incorrectly on our website at”

>What do you think? Would you have known that you shouldn’t park here?