Motorcycle deaths prompt police bike safety campaign

  • Total of 7 motorcyclists killed on roads in Herts last year
  • Bikers reportedly 38 times more likely to be killed than car occupants
  • Statistics have prompted tri-force police unit to run safety campaign

After seven motorcyclists’ deaths on Herts’ roads last year, police are starting a motorcycle safety campaign.

The THINK! campaign will be carried out through April by officers from the tri-force Roads Policing Unit comprising neighbouring Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire forces.

Insp Phil Bloor from the unit shares one of the statistics the campaign will look to address: “Motorcyclists are 38 times more likely than car occupants to be killed per mile they ride.”

Motorcyclists make up only 1% of the motoring population but make up 19% of deaths on the roads, and this type of shocking figure is something that needs to change.

As Insp Bloor explains, the campaign looks to target both sides of the problem: “I would urge motorcyclists to be extra vigilant when heading out this year and to ensure that they ride defensively and remain alert when manoeuvring. I would also highlight to drivers the importance of watching out for bikers and to always look carefully when pulling out of junctions, manoeuvring and changing lanes.”

Bikers are being encouraged to make the most of the available training and assessments like BikeSafe, which involves an observed ride with police riders and feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and the Skill for Life training from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, which teaches riders how to deal with different situations, like bad weather and different roads.

For further information and safety advice, go to the Motorcyclists: Think website