Miracle baby inspires Shelfanger mum to raise funds

Jessica and Steve Colman with their daughter Ellie. Picture: Andrew Martin.
Jessica and Steve Colman with their daughter Ellie. Picture: Andrew Martin.

Baby Ellie had to be resuscitated three times

Jessica Colman, 27, from Shelfanger, was told her baby was unlikely to survive after she gave birth on January 26 last year.

Baby Ellie suffered from a weak heart and had to be resuscitated three times after being born 36 weeks prematurely.

Now, to celebrate her daughter’s first birthday, Mrs Colman is hoping to raise money for the people who helped save her.

“It really is a miracle that Ellie is here and turning one, today,” said Mrs Colman.

“I would like to make people aware of how important it is to go to hospital during their pregnancy if anything doesn’t seem right.

“The only reason Ellie is here today is because I noticed she had stopped kicking and moving.

“I was told that if I hadn’t gone to hospital, she wouldn’t be here.”

On January 26 last year, Mrs Colman first noticed something was wrong.

“I didn’t feel my baby kick all day.

“My husband, Steve, and I, did everything we could to encourage her to move, but none of it worked.

“Steve called a midwife, who told us to go to West Suffolk Hospital.

“We arrived about 6.30pm and were looked at by a doctor, who sent me to have a grade one caesarean.

“I was knocked out and woke at about 10pm, finding out my baby was a girl and was being looked at by doctors.

“She had a very weak heart and had to be resuscitated three times.

“She was one of the most poorly babies in the hospital. Doctors thought it was unlikely she would survive.”

Ellie was transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital by the Acute Neonatal Transfer Service (Ants), which specialises in emergency transport for acutely sick newborn babies.

Ellie spent six weeks there.

“As time went by, Ellie got stronger and stronger. We can’t believe how she has bounced back.”

The couple have asked family and friends to forgo presents and instead donate money to Ants and the The Sick Children’s Trust.

To donate or for more information, go to www.sickchildrenstrust.org. For more information on ANTs, go to www.ants-neonatal.org.