Malty new beer brewed in Hertfordshire goes down a treat for hospice funds

Fergus McMullen and Simon Maughan check out the BraveHerts bitter.
Fergus McMullen and Simon Maughan check out the BraveHerts bitter.

A new beer means drinkers across Hertfordshire can enjoy a pint while raising vital funds for a children’s hospice.

More than 20,000 pints of the malty BraveHerts bitter have been pulled, raising £2,000 for Keech Hospice Care, Hertfordshire’s children’s hospice.

Fergus McMullen, the former High Sheriff of Hertfordshire and production and sales director of Hertford’s McMullens Brewery, is the brains behind the unique cask ale.

He said: “I have to be honest, I didn’t know Keech was the children’s hospice of Hertfordshire. When I found out about the extraordinary care the charity gives to 150 very sick Hertfordshire children and their families, not only at the hospice just up the road in Luton, but also by supporting families in their own homes, I had to help.

“It may not be a conventional way to raise money but brewing and beer is what I know.

“I was really surprised to discover 70% of the funding needed for Keech’s survival has to come from fundraising; only a small percentage comes from government. It seemed obvious to me to use my brewing knowledge, make something people will love drinking and, at the same time, make a difference to children in Hertfordshire who need it most.

“There’s certainly more to be done, as there are at least 400 children across Hertfordshire who are dying. It’s worrying to think at least 250 local families are being forced to cope with a very sick child alone.”

Simon Maughan from Hertford, whose two-year-old grand-daughter from Hertfordshire is supported by Keech, welcomed the novel fundraising venture.

He said: “It’s a great idea. My grand-daughter has been cared for by Keech at her family home in Hertfordshire as well as in the hospice. She has a degenerative disorder which affects her nervous system and is very poorly.

“Many people are surprised to hear Keech is the children’s hospice for Hertfordshire. As a charity when it seems as though nothing will be the same again, Keech has helped us enormously. I’d like to buy a pint of BraveHerts for all of the staff at Keech.”

So, are there more hops for the hospice to come?

Mr McMullen added: “There’s more to be done. For now the BraveHerts beer has gone down a storm in all of our local pubs across Hertfordshire. It’s great regulars have enjoyed a pint knowing they’ve also been supporting their local hospice. So cheers everyone!”