Lesson in love for couple who met at school and are now engaged years later

A couple who attended the same primary school before rediscovering each other later in life are now celebrating their engagement.

Friday, 30th January 2015, 8:42 am
Beau Samuelson and Saidee Bailey

Saidee Bailey, 24, and Beau Samuelson, 25, both attended Hemel Hempstead’s Westbrook Hay Prep School as children, though they were a couple of school years apart and had never knowingly spoken to each other.

The young lovers now believe their relationship was fate, as, after declaring she wanted to fall in love with a builder, Saidee received her first Facebook message from construction site manager Beau the very next day.

Familiar face Beau told Saidee he found her status updates interesting and, as their love blossomed, they discovered several other strange coincidences about their childhood.

They have since found school photos of themselves stood next to one another, as well as a snap of Saidee playing with Beau’s sister at his family home as a child.

The perfect pair got engaged on December 30 after 18 months together.

Saidee, a nutrionist specialising in pregnancy, said: “The story behind it all is really nice, we feel it’s fate we ended up together.

“It’s just been crazy, there are so many things that have happened that show we are meant to be.

“We discovered a photo of me playing with his younger sister – until that point I didn’t know I’d ever been to his house before.”

The engaged pair, who live in Apsley, have not yet set any date for their wedding, but hope to tie the knot ‘somewhere sunny’.