Learn how to keep Fido fit and healthy

Find out how to keep your dog's back and muscles strong
Find out how to keep your dog's back and muscles strong

Dog owners can find out how keep their dog’s back and muscles strong, fit and healthy, at a special workshop on Sunday, October 18.

Like us, dogs can suffer from back, neck and muscle pain. After all, they stand on their toes with their ankles bent and knees forward all day, putting a lot of weight and stress on their muscles and joints.

Dog trainer and behaviour specialist Hanne Grice is hosting the workshop, presented by McTimoney practitioner Lucy Bounden, at the Nora Grace Memorial Hall in Tring.

The interactive event, entitled Canine Posture, Movement and Back Pain, will give dog owners an insight into their dogs’ posture, movement and anatomy.

Using video technology, delegates can observe their own dogs’ movement and spot areas that may need further investigation.

Lucy said: “Owners may not be aware of a minor back issue or weakness in their dog and, as a consequence, the problem may build up over time, becoming a bigger issue.

“This workshop will help owners identify the early warning signs and when to seek expert advice. Prevention is better than cure.

“With dog sports such as agility, fly ball and canicross becoming ever more popular, it made sense to create an event that helps people learn about their pet’s physiology and how to spot discomfort.

“That’s because pain can also have an impact on a dog’s psychological health which, if left untreated, may lead to permanent neurological damage.”

The workshop, which runs from 10am to 2pm, is part of a series of events hosted by Hanne and her team aimed at promoting responsible dog ownership. For full details, see www.doglistener.tv/events