Kings Langley Football Club submit plans for new stand

Kings Langley Football Club in action at their ground. Picture by Chris Riddell
Kings Langley Football Club in action at their ground. Picture by Chris Riddell

A village football club has put in a planning application for a new 200-seat stand after three straight promotions.

Kings Langley Football Club is having to build the stand to meet the league’s regulations, set by the Football Association (FA), after its jump up to the Southern League Premier Division.

The club, which averages between 100 and 200 fans for its games at Gaywood Park, would be relegated back down if it doesn’t improve its ground quickly.

Chairman Derry Edgar has now submitted a planning application for the new 200-seat stand to Dacorum Borough Council.

If granted, the club hopes to the build the stand – which would cost between £15,000 and £20,000 – from April.

Derry, who has been the club’s chairman since 2003, told the Gazette: “It’s a daunting challenge, but it’s the same for everyone at this level.

“When you get promoted, as we have three times in a row, you get a ground grading inspection for every level.

“In this particular instance we require more seats for the level we are competing at, and they expect the changes to be made quickly, in time for the next season.

“It’s a pretty aggressive time schedule.”

The changes will include the new 200-seat stand replacing a current 100-seat stand at the side of the pitch, while a 50-seat stand will be retained behind the goal to meet the required number of seats.

The club is currently lying in 18th position in the division, its first at this level since the club was formed in 1886.

It comes after clinching the Division One Central title last season.