Killer clowns used by fayre promoters

Killer clown poster 8Dy178awbDVz0MmsJg2c
Killer clown poster 8Dy178awbDVz0MmsJg2c

Sick promoters have launched their horror-themed funfair in Hemel with a ‘killer clown’-style figure on their poster.

Scarenation promotions is running a Carn-Evil event in Gadebridge Park for 10 days, starting this Saturday (October 22).

But their killer clown-themed promotion comes in the midst of a number of incidents across the UK where people have dressed as horror-themed clowns.

This includes a masked assailant who stalked Tesco shoppers in Hemel, leaving customers locked in their cars.

The person behind the terrifying outfit stood in silence and a mum and daughter were so scared they reportedly locked themselves in their vehicle in the Tesco car park fearing for their safety.

A spokesman for Scarenation said the image was not meant to be a clown, and stressed that the event would offer scares in a safe environment with security staff and no alcohol.

They added: “I run a circus throughout the year and we don’t have clowns because they are intrinsically scary.

“It’s just unfortunate the killer clown scare happened after we had produced all of our publicity material.”

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