John Pilgrim: Can we be trusted to respect remembrance?

WHAT with the England football team being told that they couldn’t wear a poppy emblem on their kit for their next game and news of war memorials across the country being vandalised for the waste value of the bronze, copper or lead, I am beginning to wonder just where it will all end?

Exactly what kind of a person can sink so low as to ransack our country for waste metal?

More to the point is how we can stop it?

It’s clear that there are a number of people who are not prepared to stick by the rules of any kind of society. They want so they take and it doesn’t matter who they hurt in the process.

There’s no doubt that our current laws are not enough to deter these so called ‘people’.

We are not talking about younger people being completely to blame either. It is often older, so called ‘members of society’, who indulge in anti-social behaviour.

I think that there is a lot more for us to take before we can begin to put our country right and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The real problem is that it all starts at the very top and the government does not appear to have any idea.

It just keeps on doing what previous governments did, putting a sticking plaster on it and then blaming others for not thinking about the bigger picture.

While we are on the subject of thinking of the bigger picture the BBC could do better than cutting their local radio services while they pay Alan Hansen some £40,000 a show on national TV for talking about football.

They also seem to have more special correspondents than you can shake a stick at as well.

Then there are all those ‘know it alls’ who pontificate on the euro, the economy, the Commons and the Lords. It would be nice to know how much they all earn.

It would also be good to know exactly why the Beeb saw fit to move a great deal of their organisation to Salford and how much it cost.

There’s nothing like a good old moan to cheer us all up just before Christmas is here!

And finally, on a completely different subject, I saw a sign in the car park of a local supermarket. It was on three containers and said: “For general waste only’.

I wonder where un-general waste should go?

It’s a bit like the advert I saw once which offered ‘Ears pierced while you wait’.

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