Improve your health by walking more

Volunteers leading a health walk at Potten End
Volunteers leading a health walk at Potten End

Make a pledge to walk more and take the first steps to better health, fitness and wellbeing, with Herts County Council.

Doing small amounts of activity, such as brisk walking, can have significant health benefits.

But one in four adults in Herts takes less than 30 minutes physical activity a week.

As part of its Year of Walking, Herts County Council wants people to think about the ways they can bring walking into their routine.

Cabinet member for public health, Teresa Heritage, said: “Being active is a great way for people to improve their health, quality of life, and wellbeing.

“In many ways, walking is the perfect prescription, as it’s free and people can easily slot it into their busy routines.

“The research shows even 10-minute chunks of activity built up over the week can have a significant impact on health and wellbeing.”

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