‘I’m bombarded with up to 40 cold calls every day!’

Mike Moore.
Mike Moore.

A charity worker has resorted to no longer answering his home telephone after being bombarded with up to 40 marketing calls every day.

Mike Moore, chairman of Dacorum’s Age UK, has bought a telephone with caller display and now only answers calls from numbers he recognises in a bid to dodge the pesky cold callers.

He said: “It has been a huge, huge problem and I can’t be the only one affected.

“I have had days when I have had 30 to 40 calls.

“Trying to do any kind of work is really difficult because these calls mean the phone keeps ringing.”

The former Dacorum councillor, who works from his Hemel Hempstead town centre home, says registering with the Telephone Preference Service, which allows people to opt out of unsolicited sales or marketing calls, has made little difference.

“I’ve had to adopt my own system of dealing with it, which is essentially that if I don’t recognise the number calling through I just won’t answer it,” he said.

The calls include personal injury claims, PPI calls, 
saving money on energy bills and double glazing salesman.

Mike, who also does other work within the voluntary sector,said: “If I didn’t ignore it and I answered everyone I would be coming to the phone every 10 to 15 minutes.

“Lots of people say hang up on them but it’s not in my nature to hang up on people.”

He is calling for stricter rules to be imposed on cold callers. “There needs to be better policing,” he said. “There needs to be penalties that can be applied on people engaging in that kind of activity because it is such a nuisance.”