Hospital Radio is back on the airwaves, and needs you!

Hemel Hospital Radio volunteers fundraising at the Riverside Shopping Centre
Hemel Hospital Radio volunteers fundraising at the Riverside Shopping Centre

A hospital radio service has plans to take over the airwaves of West Herts now that it has joined forces with neighbouring stations.

Hemel Hospital Radio re-launched in style on Sunday, as volunteers flooded Riverside Shopping Centre with balloons, music and joy.

The services has recently merged with Watford Hospital Radio to become the only hospital radio station in Herts.

Sunday’s launch event received a positive reaction from shoppers, who gave generously to raise £177.65 towards the running of the station.

Hemel Hospital Radio was first formed in 1974, and broadcasts over 1350am to the patients of Hemel Hempstead’s General Hospital.

But the charity is now raising funds to have speakers installed into the waiting areas of the hospital, to provide light entertainment and information while patients wait for appointments or visits to the urgent care centre.

The station is raring to go after membership sadly dwindled over recent years – but it is now looking at providing the patients of all West Hertfordshire hospitals with its entertaining and informative broadcasting service.

Chairman of the charity behind the station Adrian Rowe said: “ I can’t thank the people of Hemel Hempstead enough for their generosity, people were dancing and singing and donating, they had fun and so did we!”

Hemel Hospital Radio is managed by the registered charity Watford Hospitals Broadcasting Service, which also operates Watford Hospital Radio. It is governed by the Charities Commission and supported by the West Herts Hospitals Trust.

The charity’s management committee took over the running in October, and it is entirely staffed by volunteers.

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