Homing Scrumpy

The sad eyes of an old dog say it all - she's lost the owners who have had her from a puppy and now the years are creeping on and she has no home.

Could you perhaps help?

Scrumpy is a young at heart 10-year-old Collie cross German Shepherd. She is currently being looked after by a foster carer in Berkhamsted, thanks to the Oldies Club, a nationwide organisation that helps to re-home older dogs who have become homeless through no fault of their own.

Foster carer Carole Niven said: "Scrumpy is delightful, the perfect canine house guest, obedient and undemanding. She only needs to be told once and understands what is expected of her."

When she first arrived in her foster home Scrumpy was quite bewildered and subdued but she very quickly got used to her new surroundings and routine, settling well at night and waiting patiently for attention. She loves a bit of a fuss and a game and can be left home alone for a few hours.

She is at a time in her life when she finds small children a bit too much to cope with, but she would enjoy a lively adult household or one with older children who understand that she is an old lady.

She loves walks on and off the lead, can get up quite a speed, is obedient and comes when called. She's also a good guard dog.

Carole adds: "If I was able to offer Scrumpy a permanent home I wouldn't hesitate - she is a great companion."

If you feel you could offer Scrumpy a home, please call Carole on 01442 871796.