Holiday scheme kids play in great outdoors

Outdoor fun at Woodland Folk PNL-150708-125359001
Outdoor fun at Woodland Folk PNL-150708-125359001

There’s no such thing as the wrong weather at kids’ summer holiday scheme Woodland Folk.

Run from a yurt in the woods at Green Park, Aston Clinton, Woodland Folk is an innovative childcare facility offering outdoor educational experiences for children aged two to 11 during the school holidays.

When you think back to your childhood summers, what is it that you remember?

For most of us, it will be playing out with our friends – not watching TV or shopping.

At Woodland Folk, children spend 70 to 80 per cent of the time outdoors as part of a small group.

A spokesman said: “How wonderful for children to have access to the outside in an environment where they can literally spend their entire day if they wish, with the opportunity to be in the woods, watch insects, see meadow flowers, listen to birds singing.

“What a backdrop to their play, which is, after all, children’s learning.

“See the flames and feel the heat from a fire being lit in front of you, safely try out some woodworking tools.

“Work with your friends and build camps, negotiate the planning and construction.

“Create works of art from natural materials, whittle wood and weave materials ­ you decide what you would like to do and when you would like to do it. A few basic rules to keep everyone safe, but lots and lots of fresh air and exercise. Imagine how well they sleep after this!”

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