Heritage: Could your memories of Pendley aid memoirs on costume designer mum?

A look back at Pendley Manor’s Shakespeare Festival performance of Twelfth Night, 50 years on.

Saturday, 3rd January 2015, 8:00 am
Brian Sanders as Sir Andrew Aguecheek, CR Evers as Sir Toby Belch, Geoffrey Reeve as Feste the clown and Roberta Morgan as Olivia's Page

David Bottomley is curating a project to collect memoirs of people who knew and worked with his late mother, Margaret Harrison, a Yorkshire woman who won the national competition to design costumes for the 1964 Pendley Open Air Shakespeare Festival of Twelfth Night.

He would be interested to hear from anyone who was involved in the Pendley Open Air Shakespeare Festival production of Twelfth Night in 1964 at Pendley Manor in Tring, for which she designed and made the costumes, directed by Dorian Williams and organised by John Holifield.

The cast and production team incuded wardrobe mistress Greta Morgan. set designer Roger Bryson, Anne Horne as Viola, Keith Chamberlin as Orsino, Caroline Odgers as Valentine, Rowan Chapman as Curio, Michael Evers as a Sea Captain, Peter Wellby as a Seaman, Penelope Willis as Maria, C.R.Evers as Sir Toby Belch, Brian Sanders as Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Jennie Norwood as Olivia, Joanna Lodder as Lady in Waiting, Sandra Kettle as Attendant to Olivia, Roberta Morgan as Olivia’s Page, Stuart Ready as Malvolio, Philip Dunn as Anotnio, David Rees as Sebastian, film director, Geoffrey Reeve as Feste, John Holifield as Fabian, Dorian Williams as Sir Topaz.

David Rees as Sebastian, and Margaret Harrison, winner of the costume design competition for the Pendley Shakespeare Festival, adds last touches to Viola's costume, played by Anne Horne PNL-141224-112610001

Gina Manly designed the costumes for Romeo and Juliet in the same season.

David also wants to hear from anyone who was involved with the Heidi musical at The Masque Theatre, Tring, including directors Liz Short, DA Johnson and IM Parker – as a result of seeing her work on Twelfth Night, they asked Margaret to design costumes for their opening production of the musical Heidi in November 1965.

He would also like to hear from anyone who may have trained with his mother at Manchester School of Textile Design 1954-57, Brighton Art College 1958-9, previous pupils of his mother when she taught at Withington Girls School 1960-1, Worcester Training College 1962-5, Ripon College 1966-68.

Contact David on [email protected] or 07932 411455.

The Pendley Shakespeare Festival this year celebrated its 65th anniversary with the launch of Pendley Plus, an academic talks programme run in tandem with the two plays.