Hemel Hempstead School students earn top grades

Hemel Hempstead School are celebrating excellent GCSE results - with over three quarters of students achieving grade 4 or above.

Top performers included Eve Broadbent, who excelled with nine grade 9s and one grade 8.

GCSE results day

GCSE results day

Madeline also achieved excellent grades with six 9s and four grade 8s.

Deputy Headteacher Tim Jordan said: “We are very proud of the results achieved by our Year 11 students. Most GCSEs have now been reformed so as to be more challenging than previous qualifications.

“These results, therefore, testify to both the hard work of an excellent cohort of students and the outstanding guidance and support of their teachers.”

Other top results are as follows.

Sophie Briers 7 x Grade 9, 3 x Grade 7

Daniel Broadbent 6 x Grade 9, 2 x Grade 8, 2 x Grade 7

Maya Wyton 4 x Grade 9, 1 x A*, 3 x Grade 8, 2 x Grade 7

Joseph Atkins 4 x Grade 9, 5 x Grade 8

Edward Grayson 3 x Grade 9, 5 x Grade 8, 2 x Grade 7

Gus Oblein 5 x Grade 9, 3 x Grade 8, 1 x Grade 7

Samuel Morris 2 x Grade 9, 6 x Grade 8, 2 x Grade 7