Helping men to live well despite cancer

Health news
Health news

The Hospice of St Francis’ Spring Centre is holding a Prostate Cancer Wellbeing Course, starting on Thursday, September 17.

Three hundred men are diagnosed with prostate cancer in West Herts every year and 3,000 are living with the disease,

The course is designed to give support to men who have been affected by, or who have had treatment for prostate cancer, in a trustworthy and confidential environment.

The course, which runs for six sessions of two hours each, on Thursday afternoons, will be led by Tina Smith, a specialist prostate cancer nurse with 18 years’ experience in cancer and palliative care, 12 of them in prostate cancer.

The sessions will cover issues such as management of medication and potential side effects, diet and exercise, as well as relationships, and will be delivered in a straightforward and unpatronising manner.

Feedback from previous participants has been very positive.

Retired sales director, Colin Spence, aged 78, who attended the last course, said: “I found the whole course really informative and helpful in every way.

“The best aspect for me was the ease of discussion, friendliness and mix of people attending.

The open attitude of both the facilitators and the attendees was really impressive and overcame many of my worries and fears of the unknown.

“My feelings of fatigue and tiredness did concern me and while talking about it doesn’t solve it, it certainly helps.

“I’d recommend the course to anyone navigating their way through prostate cancer.”

See or call Tina Smith on 01442 869550.