Help make it a happynew year for Squishy

The kitten called Squishy who captured the hearts of Gazette readers has finally learned to run '“ albeit with lots of wobbles.

Thursday, 22nd December 2016, 4:52 pm
Updated Thursday, 29th December 2016, 3:11 pm

The tiny tortie was rescued by Dacorum Cats Protection after being squashed in the recliner of a sofa.

She sustained such severe spinal nerve damage that her back legs resembled those of a frog.

Now, after costly surgery and constant physiotherapy, Squishy can not only walk but is even attempting to run, said a Cats Protection spokesman.

“There’s lots of wobbles, but she’s making good progress. She remains a little fighter and a happy kitten. She is learning to play a little now and has a fluffy mouse she likes to cuddle up with,” she said.

But Squishy’s treatment is still far from over, as there is still damage from where her pelvis was crushed by the sofa.

The Cats Protection branch organised a fundraising page to help with the vets’ bills. So far it has raised £241 of its £800 target.

You can donate online by visiting and entering ‘Help Squishy’ into the search bar.

Meanwhile, the branch finished the year with such a deluge of unwanted and neglected cats that there was simply no room at the inn for more.

It has been forced to temporarily close its doors to new incoming cats until adopters for its current charges are found. “We have some wonderful fosterers but we are only able to take in cats for the spaces we have,” said the spokesman.

> To offer help or a home to a cat call the branch after January 2 2017 on 0345 371 1851.