Hefty fine for breach of Green Belt laws


A Kings Langley homeowner learned a tough lesson about planning law after being fined thousands for constructing an outbuilding without permission.

Michele Ferrazzano, 44, of Harthall Lane, pleaded guilty to the offence and was ordered to pay £4,500 by Watford Magistrates Court after he failed to demolish the outbuilding, which was considered to be an inappropriate development to the detriment of the openness of Green Belt land.

Three Rivers District Council had previously served an enforcement notice requiring the removal of the outbuilding after the authority refused a retrospective planning application in July 2013.

A subsequent appeal was dismissed by the planning inspector last April.

Chairman of the Three Rivers planning committee, Cllr Chris Whately-Smith, said:“Residents should engage in discussion with the Council prior to building new development.

“If you don’t have consent it may result in your building’s removal and you can be prosecuted. If in doubt, get in touch – we’re here to help.”