Health visitors support breastfeeding

Celebrating breastfeeding
Celebrating breastfeeding

Health visitors in Herts are backing National Breastfeeding Celebration Week this week.

The week is an opportunity for mothers, breastfeeding supporters and health visitors to share what works well to support breastfeeding locally.

The initiative is being supported nationally by Public Health England, NHS England, the National Infant Feeding Network and the Royal College of Midwives.

Infant feeding co-ordinator for Herts Community Health Service, Georgina Berg, said: “The Celebration Week acts as a great opportunity to promote the support available to mums to be and new mums to help them successfully breastfeed.

“There is so much evidence to show that breastfeeding is best for babies, protecting them from infections and diseases and helping to establish a close and everlasting bond with their mother.

“The role of our local health visitors is to offer support, care and encouragement to families through the early years from pregnancy and birth to primary school.

“Supporting mothers to breastfeed is one important element of this.”

Herts Health Visiting Service is working towards being accredited with the UNICEF Baby Friendly award.

Baby Friendly awards are based on a set of standards for maternity, health visiting, neonatal and children’s centres, designed to provide parents with the best possible care to build close and loving relationships with their baby and to feed their baby in ways which will support optimum health and development.

Follow your local health visitors on on Twitter @HCTNHS or watching the hashtag Hashtag #HCTcelebratebreastfeeding”