Groove with your baby at brand new dance and exercise classes for mums

Samantha Bright of Mama-Groove PNL-150817-115542001
Samantha Bright of Mama-Groove PNL-150817-115542001

A brand new style of exercise class is about to launch in Berkhamsted, for mothers with babies and toddlers.

Professional choreographer and dance teacher Samantha Bright is the founder Mama-Groove.

Unlike most dance and exercise classes, mums are encouraged to bring their little one, aged six weeks to three years, along with them, and they can join in as much or as little as they like.

Tiny tots can be carried or worn in a baby sling.

Samantha said: “Sharing music and movement with your baby and toddler helps to create and solidify a wonderful parent and child bond based on trust, happiness and the universal language of dance and movement.

“For mums, Mama-Groove is not only a chance to have some great fun, but can really help with getting back in shape after pregnancy.”

The instructor leads the class in choreographed steps but Samantha said: “You are more than welcome to groove any way you feel.”

Berkhamsted is one of the first venues for Mama-Groove, along with Chesham, where 32-year-old Samantha lives.

Samantha, who is mum to Jack, aged three, and Molly, 21 months, plans to open classes in central London in the new year, with a view to creating a national franchise.

Mums can join the classes as soon as they have had their six-week postnatal check.Pregnant women are also welcome to join, with agreement from their GP or midwife.

Classes start at Berkhamsted Civic Centre from 10.15am to 11am on Thursday, September 10, and cost £10.

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