Graffiti vandal’s town rampage

'Rako' graffiti in Hemel Hempstead.
'Rako' graffiti in Hemel Hempstead.

A graffiti vandal who struck at a community cricket club has been on a tag painting rampage around the town.

The unimpressive blue ‘Rako’ tag accompanied by an amateurishly drawn cat face has been spotted at various locations around Hemel Hempstead.

It has even blighted the garden walls of people’s homes.

The Gazette highlighted the vandalism last week after the clubhouse at Boxmoor Cricket Club was targeted overnight.

Since then the graffiti has been spotted in other locations around Boxmoor and in Warners End in Long Chaulden, at Stoneycroft shops and on garage doors.

One Warners End resident said: “Exactly the same logos are all around this area.

“It is the same silly logos so he is obviously doing quite a tour of Hemel.”

The cricket club estimates that work to get rid of the graffiti could cost around £200 and now costly CCTV is being considered at the base off St John’s Road.

Head of cricket Aaron Hinton said: “We also think it could be affecting some potential hires of the club, which is also therefore costing us potential income.

“Whilst it’s obviously bad what has happened to us, I think it’s even worse to see people’s homes with graffiti on their garden walls. We hope the person(s) responsible are caught and action taken.”

A spokesman for Dacorum Borough Council said: “When incidents of graffiti are reported to us on council land we work to clear this as soon as possible. If we see a recurring tag we do pass it over to the police who would be able to advise on the sorts of action that would be taken and the consequences.

“We are aware of the graffiti at Boxmoor Cricket Club but this is private property and therefore we would not clear this graffiti. We do offer a service where people can hire the Clean, Safe and Green team to clear graffiti from private properties if this service is required.”