Go dry this January, urge authorities as worrying alcohol stats predicted

A series of shocking statistics have been released by the Herts community safety unit in a bid to encourage people to ‘go dry’ this month.

Monday, 5th January 2015, 5:10 pm

The New Year’s message from the multi-agency scheme comprising Hertfordshire’s police force and county council aims to get drinkers going alcohol-free for the Dry January campaign run by Alcohol Concern and Public Health England.

Statistics from the Government’s Alcohol Strategy reveal that in Herts, an estimated 22,000 people will be admitted to hospital with an alcohol related

condition each year.

Across 12 months it is also thought that 143,000 people will binge drink and 236,500 people will be regularly drinking above the lower-risk levels.

Around 11,000 people could be a victim of alcohol-related violent crime, while, shockingly, more than 4,400 11-15 year olds will be drinking weekly.

Kate Moore, programme manager for alcohol and anti-social behaviour at the county unit, said: “We welcome the national initiative of Dry January.

“Christmas is a time of year when many people feel like they have over-indulged and therefore many people make New Year’s resolutions to drink less or to not drink for a period of time.

“Dry January ties in with people’s motivation to make changes and therefore encourages drinkers to take a month off and feel the benefits.

“This isn’t just about giving your body a break from alcohol and saving money, it is also about encouraging people to think about their drinking habits and their relationship with alcohol throughout the year.”

Many take up the opportunities offered by Dry January to fundraise for related charities.

For more information email [email protected] or visit www.dryjanuary.org.uk/advice/